20886 The Mouse and the Egg Mayne

The Mouse and the Egg.

Modern written folk tale. Polish folk illustrations with embroidery and amusing animals.





20839 Through the Mickle Woods Gregory

Through the Mickle Woods.

In this written fairytale, a grieving king finds peace while listening to three stories told by a huge bear.



20496 The Firebird Demi

The Firebird.

A beautiful book, and inexpensive because of the mark.



20454 Mystery of Stonehedge Branley Ambrus

The Mystery of Stonehenge.

Using burnt umber and black with an orange sun, Ambrus illustrates the factual pages with scenes of real people of the time.



20484 Mr. McMouse Lionni

Mr. McMouse.

Mr. McMouse from the city wins acceptance with his new field mouse friends.



20437 Mr. Petersand's Cats Slobodkin

Mr. Petersand's Cats (and kittens)

When Mr Petersand, the summer cat supplier of Firefly Island, had to go to the hospital, most of his cats mysteriously disappeared. So he changed his policies toward the summer residents.




20442 Mother Goose Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson's Mother Goose

Many short poems, sometimes 6 to a spread, each with a little drawing.





20424 The Enchanted Forest Legends of the Scolt Lapps

The Enchanted Forest: Legends of the Scolt Lapps.

Wonderful, perceptive folk tales from a tribe in Northern Lapland, some ancient, some from post Christian times, in which the language of the translator, who lived for long periods of time among the Scolts blends smoothly. Note: This book has been SOLD.



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