CAT 22 A Older Books 1920's & before.

Older picture books and juvenile literature from the early 19th c to the 1920's.
The Last of the Huggermuggers by Cranch; Phillips, Sampson, 1856, 1st.

The Last of the Huggermuggers.

Little Jacket is stranded with his companions on the island home of dying giant race. Jackie escapes on a ship and returns again with plans to capture the giant, but the Huggermuggers are so large and so kind that he and his friends relent. All would have ended happily were it not for the traitorous dwarf Kobboltozo. Inscribed "For Marion R. Lord, with the hope that she will remember with affection her uncle R. C. W., April 9, 1856."  A wonderful fantasy, then and now, and pivotal in American children's literature: a well produced hardback book, but from the genre of entertaining chapbooks rather than moral realistic stories. We also have a much loved, inexpensive first of the sequel, Kobboltozo.



14230 Topsys & Turveys by Peter Newell.

Topsys & Turvys.

Read each page rightside up then turn it upside down for the rest of the story. Surprisingly, the illustration changes too.



What the Wee Bear Did by Nina Jordan. A panorama.

What the Wee Bear Did.

Wee Bear just can't keep from giving everything a little taste!



14874 Sunny Days 1867

Sunny Days and Children's Ways.

Four groups of pictures with poems beneath: Sunny Days, (with pretty little children by Ed Morin, H. Linton); Home for the Holidays, Right and Wrong (with naughty, cruel children by K. M., G. Dalziek); and Picture Rhymes of Happy Times (with more elegant pictures surrounding text by Keely, Al Swell). An early use of printed oil colour, with the hues ranging from bright to violent.

In "Home for the Holidays" we have a genuine look at Victorian children: boys invent little cannons, a sister wins a race against her brother, loose bonnet or no, and children play at dress up battles and mock teaparties with funny dialogue. "Home" was earlier published separately, [Bookseller 1865] with these engravings from woodblocks by Kenny Meadows, an artist and Punch contributor, but was not always included in later Sunny Days and it is rare.



18924 The Bunnikins-Bunnies and the Moon King by Davidson.

The Bunnikins-Bunnies and the Moon King.

With a cheerful disregard for astronomy, the Bunnikin-Bunnies take the entire family on a trip to the Moon via the Milky Way. The "airship" looks very much like a boat with a cabin. An early science fiction book for little ones, you might say. Fun!



11495 Little Homespun Songs by Hubbell-Plummer, illus Mary Lafetra Russell

Little Homespun Songs.

A large book with illustrations attractively presented. Written poems and songs, most with scores for melody and two hand piano accompaniment, lyrics along the lines of "Oh my fuzzy pussy willows have come to stay awhile."



La Fontaine. (Delierre, illustrator): Roberts Brothers, 1884

The Fables of La Fontaine.

Reproduction of the translations of Robert Thomson Paris, 1806 with very beautiful deep etchings original to this edition.



19006 Tale of Terrible Towser, illus Kennedy, Sam Gabriel 1916.

The Tale of Terrible Towser.

Towser wrote this book about his eventful two weeks in the country, day by day.



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