CAT 22 B Modern Juveniles 1920+

Catalogue #22, July 2016. ModernJuvenile literature from 1920s onward.

The Grasshopper Book.

A beautiful grasshopper book with detailed drawings, fantastic yet accurate, of grasshoppers and their relatives; with a section on locust plagues. Note: This book has been SOLD..



The Red Towers of Granada.

Robin, thought to be a leper, takes the road to Nottingham, ringing his bell. His presence serves to protect an old Jewish doctor from the dangers of the road, and he later accompanies him to Spain on a Royal errand. A vivid medieval adventure. Note: This book has been SOLD..



Home is the Sailor.

Sian's dollhouse had so many lady dolls, but no men dolls, until Curly the sailor arrived on the scene. The last of Godden's doll books gives a boy doll a voice.



Unicorn with Silver Shoes.

By the an Irish poet and Celtic mythologist who came to live in California and knew many of the artists and authors of her day. Author of the Tangle-Coated Horse, she was well known by the group of children's editors and librarians in the 30's who relished these folk tales. The book " grew out of stories I used to tell to two children who had a fondness for tales about Ogres and Magicians and Strange Beasts. In an unlucky hour I invented Ballor's Son and could never be quit of him after...." The Ballor's son's adventures with fantastic creatures. An early Robert Lawson.



Moominsummer Madness.

In which a volcano erupts, Moominvalley floods, and the Moomins take shelter in an abandoned theater. Moominpappa is inspired to write and produce a play: "The Lion's Brides or Blood Will Out."  Note: This book has been SOLD.



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