CAT 22 C Modern Picture Books 1920+

Modern picture books 1920 and beyond, includes play books etc.
21475 What's on the Air? by Melcher (Sunbonnet Babies)

What's on the Air?

The Joy Radio station presents a day of programming, each spread has the decorated title of the show and a drawing with a poem underneath, also a little clock. Melcher's last book, designed with her daughters. Note: This book has been sold.



21437 Playtime Whitman2932 Mallet ill


Cute details in these paintings of round faced children, somewhat like Chloe Preston's children but without that wild self-confidence. In view of the mouths and the three upright eyelashes, these paintings are almost certainly by Beatrice Fox Mallet, an English artist who married the French humorist artist Herve Mallet in 1919. Little stories on each page in attractive calligraphy tell of the children's daily occupations: reading, gardening, blowing bubbles.



17466 Sleepy ABC Brown illus Slobodkina

Sleepy ABC.

A lovely book with wonderful deep colours. The text from each letter is repeated on a page at the end and makes a touching goodnight poem.



19447 Big Red Man O'War by C. W. Anderson.

Big Red.

The story of Man o' War, in retirement when this book was written, and his children and grandchildren. A lovely copy of this book, with a nice dustjacket of fragile wartime paper that is becoming hard to find in this condition



20174 The Tall Book of Make-Believe by Werner, Garth Williams ill.

The Tall Book of Make-Believe.

A selection of imaginative stories and poems, beautifully and tenderly illustrated: The Very Mischief/Lesley Frost, Susan's Bears/Mildred Lawrence, Bad Mousie/Martha Ward Dudley, The Everlasting Lollipop/ Paul Averitt, Georgie/Robert Bright, How They Bring Back the Village of Cream Puffs When the Wind Blows it Away/Sandburg, as well as poems by de la Mare, Eugene Field, Lear, Fyleman, Tennyson, Marchette Chute, Katherine Mansfield, Allingham, Christina Rosetti, and Amy Lowell, among others. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



17587 The Story of the Little Red Hen/Old Woman illus Richardson.

The Story of the Little Red Hen/The Story of the Old Woman and Her Pig.

Story tales opposite coloured pictures in a book made for small hands.



The Family Under the Moon.

The Family Under the Moon.

The loving thoughts of a family of three generations under the moonlight, with soft, poetic watercolour illustrations in dark blues, blacks, and pale yellows.



Piccolo's Prank, written and illustrated by Leo Politi.

Piccolo's Prank.

The organ grinder and his monkey must go up and down Angel's Flight every day. But one day Piccolo climbs under the cable car! Politi preserved a much loved section of Los Angeles through these paintings of the Bunker Hill houses.



If I Were a Mother.

If I Were a Mother.

A tender little girl learns from the care mother animals show their young and thinks about being a mother. Jacket&the title page lead to the first page: "Like a mother hen, I would wish to have many children and have them play all around me..."



29338 Speckledy Hen by Uttley, ill Tempest.

The Speckledy Hen.

The Speckledy Hen went off on her own to lay her eggs, but soon the Fox is watching over her hiding place. How to distract him? Fuzzypeg, now a real "scollard", reads him the story of the Fox and the Grapes while the hen sneaks back to the farmyard with her chicks. "She was very tough, that Speckledy Hen," said the fox.



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