CAT 22 C Modern Picture Books 1920+

Modern picture books 1920 and beyond, includes play books etc.
19812 The Sleeping Beauty by Perrault, illus Hoffmann.

The Sleeping Beauty.

The busy life of the castle and its long sleep under the hedge of thorns are beautifully rendered. Note: This book has been sold.



21064 Do you have the Time, Lydia by Ness.

Do You Have the Time, Lydia.

Lydia rushes around leaving things half done but her little brother hopes against hope that she will finish his lobster trap race car for the big race. The prize is a dog!



21462 When the Sky is Like Lace by Horwitz, ill Cooney Signed.

When the Sky is Like Lace.

"On a bimulous night, when the sky is like lace." Three fair sisters move from the warm colours of home through the blue-purple night, encountering singing otters, affronted snails, wild trees, picnics, parties.. Graceful, imaginative illustrations. SIGNED and INSCRIBED by Barbara Cooney to Robert Hale, a bookseller, contributor to the Horn Book, supporter of children's books and authors, and former ABA president "Best wishes to Bob Hale and many thanks for his enthusiasm".



19823 The Dog That Wanted to Whistle by Levy.

The Dog That Wanted to Whistle.

Chancho's parents were a Boxer and a Mastiff, and he is an odd combination of the two. His poor master is so sad when the crops fail and Chancho wants desperately to help out. Perhaps if he could whistle? He finds a tin whistle in the grass but swallows it accidentally and Pablo is so frightened of the sound his dog makes, he bolts the door against him. (happy ending though) Such an ugly and appealing dog, and the illustrations are just right. Note: This book is SOLD.



20294 Roland the Minstrel Pig by Steig

Roland the Minstrel Pig.

Steig's first book for children appeals directly to them with a grand plot. Roland venture out from his safe and loving community of animals with his lute and finds loneliness, fear, and eventual happiness playing for the King.



21443 When the Wind Blew by Brown illus Slocum.

When the Wind Blew.

The little old woman lives content, forgotten by the world, with her 17 cats and her new little kitten. But when the storm and she takes to her bed with a toothache, how she wishes for a hot water bottle. "And she felt something warm along the side of her face.... click click purr purr purr purr. What could it be?" Brown wrote this as a student teacher at the Bank Street school, under the influence of Lucy Sprague Mitchell's Here and Now philosophy, which she incorporated and transcended. An important book in American children's literature, with the original illustrations that bring out the poetry in the text. Note: This book has been SOLD.



20167 Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr and the Big Surprise by Lindman.

Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr and the Big Surprise.

The boy's mother goes off for a visit, in a ship, this being Sweden, and while she is gone her sons earn enough money to have a chair made and upholstered for her. They observe every part of the process and so do we.



21063 The Three Famous Ugly Sisters by Caroline Dyer

Three Famous Ugly Sisters.

Suefenella, Aneesa and Gwimpf lived on a mountain high above Sunny Beach, but they came down to help the townspeople with their problems, and, when they could no longer descend the mountain, gave the most wonderful party at their castle. McKay's illustrations are perfect for this story. Not a very common book, and probably cherished by those who have it... we keep an eye out for them.



21484 Nogbad and the Elephants by Postgate.

Nogbad and the Elephants.

A baby monster (elephant) with a sad face arrives at the court of King Noggin the Nog and is soon stolen by the cunning King Nogbad the Bad. Right triumphs and Prince Kurt takes him back to his mother. Drawings on every page in pink, yellow.



20976 Adventures with Elsie by Hamilton.

Adventures with Elsie, the Famous Cow.

The cartoon of the original Elsie, a Jersey heifer, grew to become one of the most recognized advertising icons in the US and Canada and is still used, though Borden's ceased doing business in the 1990's. Elsie's work went way beyond advertising, and so this book, written on the 25th anniversary of her first World's Fair appearance, is a short social history of the World War Two years and beyond, War Bonds, Travel, Freedomland, a second World's Fair, family, and more. The author drew on several private collections and the Borden records to find the many photos in this book.  Note: This book has been sold.



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