CAT 22 C Modern Picture Books 1920+

Modern picture books 1920 and beyond, includes play books etc.
The Good-Luck Horse by Chan.

The Good-Luck Horse.

Plato Chan illustrated this very charming book at the age of 12, blending the forms and images of his Chinese heritage with the free wheeling action of Western art. His father was a diplomat in Paris and was captured during World War II, while he and his mother were sent to London. Plato gave several exhibits, raising money for war relief, and continued to do so when he moved to the United States in the year prior to the publication of this book. Not much is known of his later years. An unusual CALDECOTT HONOR BOOK. This book belonged to Caroline Thorn Binney, an international dancer, director, and choreographer, who founded the New York Folk Ballet.



21396 Tom Thumb and other old-time Fairy Tales, Bates, ed; illus by Price

Tom Thumb, and other old-time fairy tales.

Tom Thumb, The Goose Girl, Jack and the Beanstalk, Bluebeard, Puss in Boots.



20981 What Is Right for Tulip by Duvoisin.

What is Right for Tulip...

A somewhat tongue in cheek guide to good manners, with a very charming polar bear!
NOTE: This book has been sold.



20362 The Church Mouse Oakley

The Church Mouse.

In this first of the series, Arthur, the mouse, invites all the mice in town to live in the church with him and the gentle cat Sampson.

NOTE This book has been sold.



13985 Brave Irene by Steig.

Brave Irene.

Irene courageously faces a howling blizzard to deliver her mother's order, and just in time! Wonderful pictures of a determined little body plodding through the snow and wind. New York Times Best Illustrated.



19902 Jay Bird by Ets.

Jay Bird.

A lovely copy of this gentle book for young children, with pictures of the animals the little boy encounters on his walk to school, each set in a dark blue oval background like the one on the jacket.



Encyclopaedia Britannica World's Children Series, Books 1-12, complete set.

Encyclopaedia Britannica World's Children Series..

1. Mateo and the Mexican Fair, 2 Anaghalook, Eskimo Girl, 3 Dark Eyes and her Navajo Blanket, 4 Shiu Ming, Chinese Boy Scout, 5. French-Canadian Children, 6 A Day with Dutch Children, 7 Hans, of the Swiss Alps, 8 Pedro Picks Coffee in Brazil, 9 Yukiko and a Japanese Carnival, 10 Children on England's Canals, 11 Kana, Prince of Darkest Africa, 12 Pauli and his Hawaiian Fest. A lovely complete set of fondly remembered books. NOTE: This book has been sold.



19912 The Little Crayfish by Piatti.

The Little Crayfish.

A cumulative tale about animals who wish to change a part of their lives (the crayfish wants to move forwards). Each incident is pictured with the little red crayfish and a large painting of the animal with some surrounding vegetation in greens, browns, and blacks set upon a white background. These drawings have more delicate lines than much of Piatti's other children's book illustration.



20479 My Little Hen by the Provensens

My Little Hen.

About the birth and growth of Etta's child, Ned/Netta. Ralph the dog isn't so sure. No one can capture animal expressions like the Provensens. A beautifully designed little book, with a different cover illustration from the US editions.



19391 Runzel-Punzel by Donnaldson, illus Ritter.

Runzel-Punzel, a story of Two Little Mice.

A town mouse and country mouse variation, illustrated by Ritter in both German (Alexei Remison) and English versions. Between the one-eyed Zwick Zwack and Aunty Twinkle-Toes crying over her card game, this book frightened me when I was a child, even though the deep colours were fascinating.



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