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Is There a Santa Claus? Jacob Riis, Macmillan 1904, stated 1st printing.

Is There a Santa Claus?

"A little chap on the Western Frontier writes to us, 'Will you please tell me if there is a Santa Claus? Papa says not.' " Riis takes children on a trip into the city to see loving kindness at work in all sorts of people. Written a few years after Yes, Virginia, but more involved with social concerns than fairies, as one might expect.



17100 Dick Bruna's Christmas Crib.

Dick Bruna's Christmas Crib.

The play materials seem to be enclosed in a folder: on the front a picture of a crèche with little Bruna figures; on the folder back the instructions, in English, showing a little girl colouring the characters and the scene, pushing out the characters, bending the flaps, and setting up the scene. Inside would be the background with side flaps folding out and two sheets of punch out characters. (Hard to determine given the shrink wrap.) Very charming little nativity scene, with figures that can have their own skin colours and costumes.



21224 The Story of the Wise Men carved by Gislebertus.

The Story of the Wise Men carved by Gislebertus.

Gislebertus hoc fecit, a rare record of an individual artist from the 12th century. Beautiful photographs of the sculpture of the master of the cathedral of Autun, humorous and spiritual, grand and lovingly detailed. The first half of the book retells the story of the Wise Men from St. Matthew, the second half of the book is an article by Régine Pernoud and Canon Grivot discussing the significance of the Romanesque master.



20233 Christmas Eve At the Mellops' by Ungerer.

Christmas Eve At the Mellops'.

The fourth Mellops book. Casimir, Isidor, Felix, and Ferdinand, the Mellop pig children, have a sad moment when they realize they have all brought the family surprise Christmas trees, but they rally and soon fill an entire apartment house with joy.



21006 A Time to Keep by Tudor.

A Time to Keep.

"The Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays." full color paintings with short text on every page, many two page spreads. SIGNED and briefly INSCRIBED on pictorial flyleaf by AUTHOR.



20178 Toys At Play by Reid photos by Waite. Marshall Fields.

Toys at Play.

It's 1937, in the midst of the Great Depression. As the Children drowsily wait for their mother to finish shopping, they think about what they want for Christmas, and the toys in Marshall Fields begin to come alive. There must be about 50 dolls and toys in this books, all caught by the photographer in the midst of their play. Very bright colours. Sturdy enough for a modern child, of interest to a toy and doll collector.



19839 Santa Claus and his Works by Webster, illus. Thomas Nast.

Santa Claus and his Works.

These pictures just make me smile every time I look at them! Nast is supposed to have invented the modern human sized Santa, and his Harpers pictures from 1862 on reflect that. But in the book, Santa is as big as he needs to be at the moment. So we see him climbing up the Christmas tree on a ladder and peering in his account books on his tiptoes, but looking fairly normal-sized as he starts down a chimney (a copy of the earliest Harper's drawing). A treasure, in lovely condition.
Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



19660 The Skating Party Leavitt & Allen circa 1860s.

The Skating Party and Other Stories.

Stories for older children about daily life, and more, The Skating Party, The Arrest, The Soldiers, The Depot, Snowballing, Blind Man's Buff, The Magnetic Swan, and others. Appears to have been assembled from two little books of American stories by the publisher. Rather swiftly hand-coloured illustrations on almost every other page in primary colours.



19561 Santa's Merry Carnival by Dorothy King.

Santa's Merry Carnival.

This book is made of thin card; it was intended to be played with and used up. It seems to be waiting for a child... the little animals hop around and the monkey still swings round and round on his bar. A nice period piece by a well known creator of 40's toy books.



19832 Lullaby: Why the Pussy-Cat Washes Himself So Often by Bernhard.

Lullaby: Why the Pussy-Cat Washes Himself So Often.

"A Folktale adapted from the Polish." A Christmas story with many bright peasant style lithographs in the same colours. First all the villagers come with gifts for the baby Jesus. Then, after they leave, he is so excited he can't go to sleep. Only the purr of the little kitten, who must wash the ashes from her coat before he can sing to the baby, can lull him to sleep. Includes piano score for "Ah, ah, pussies two".



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