Doll Books

Books primarily about dolls or dollhouses, also puppets.
19892 The Three Toymakers by Williams, ill Hughes.

The Three Toymakers

A modern folk tale of good and evil toymakers and how they prepare for a competition at the king's palace, including a talking doll and an adventure over the snowy mountains. Uncommon in this nice edition, printed on good quality paper.



21246 Mouse and his Child by Russell Hoban, ill Lillian Hoban.

The Mouse and His Child.

A broken clockwork mouse and child follow the child's dream of a home and family. Hailed as a classic when it appeared, this is a complex fantasy, full of logical tricks and high adventure. "A rich, disturbing, very touching book" Kirkus. This edition, not uncommon, has always been puzzling to date, it looks newer than 1967 but is certainly early, pre ISBN; it does not feel like a book club.



20541 Four Dolls by Godden, ill Pauline Baynes.

Four Dolls.

Impunity Jane, The Fairy Doll, The Story of Holly and Ivy, Candy Floss. Coloured plates and numerous black and white drawings by Baynes.



21051 The Story of Delicia. Newman

The Story of Delicia.

A matter-of-fact rag doll writes of her first days with her mama, a busy little girl of about five. Photos of Delicia, her mama, and her new stuffed friends on every spread. Adolphus, of Delicia and Adolphus, appears at the end. NOTE: This book has been sold.



Anna's Special Present.

Anna's Special Present.

A little girl lets her favorite doll go to the hospital with her injured friend.



The Muffletump Storybook.

The Muffletump Storybook.

Stories of four Victorian dolls and their adventures, with short text and detailed pencil drawings on every page.



The Mennyms

The Mennyms.

The Mennyms, a family of life-size rag dolls living in a house in England and passing as human, see their peaceful existence threatened when the landlord announces he is coming from Australia for a visit.



The Mennyms Alive.

The Mennyms Alive.

The Mennyms a family of life-size dolls wake up to find their household has been moved from Brocklehurst Grove. They are in the care of an antique dealer, Daisy Maughan, who gives them an unused flat and soon suspects their secret. The final volume.



Mennyms in the Wilderness

The Mennyms move to the country and are discovered by a human being.



Manuela's Birthday.

Manuela's Birthday.

A little girl in Taxco, Mexico, gets a blonde doll. A book with a stereotyped plot, but with appealing pictures of the little girl.



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