Doll Books

Books primarily about dolls or dollhouses, also puppets.
The Three Toymakers.

The Three Toymakers.

A modern folk tale of good and evil toymakers and how they prepare for a competition at the king's palace, This engrossing tale includes a wicked talking doll and an adventure over the snowy mountains. Note: This Book Has Been SOLD.



Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

The first 100 years in the life of an adventurous doll. Here's a nice book to read while you wait for a calico bound Hitty. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Amy's Eyes.

This edition, with its stiff-profiled captain on the jacket, is more inviting to boys, who invariably enjoy Amy's Eyes once they get past the doll theme. Egielski's drawings only, no plates. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Hilda and her Doll.

Hilda and her Doll.

Hilda played happily in her Greneda, West Indies home, unaware that she was soon to be sent thousands of miles away, to France, to school. Her father felt the experience of "finding her level" would be good for her character, but for a long time she was miserable at school. Her classmates teased her for the wonderful gift her nurse had given her, a beautiful handmade West Indian doll. The international flavour of this book keeps it from being a Sunday School tract.



Edith and the Duckling (The Lonely Doll books).

Edith and the Duckling

Edith, the Lonely Doll, and Mr. Bear find an abandoned nest in the woods and hatch a duckling. Darling spring pictures of the little felt doll. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



20178 Toys At Play by Reid photos by Waite. Marshall Fields.

Toys at Play.

It's 1937, in the midst of the Great Depression. As the Children drowsily wait for their mother to finish shopping, they think about what they want for Christmas, and the toys in Marshall Fields begin to come alive. There must be about 50 dolls and toys in this books, all caught by the photographer in the midst of their play. Very bright colours. Sturdy enough for a modern child, of interest to a toy and doll collector.



21601 Nutcracker of Nuremberg by Cooke.

Nutcracker of Nuremberg.

"A Christmas Fantasy based on the Old Hoffmann Legend". Generously illustrated in woodcut style with each detail adding to the story (not just repeated margin decorations). The story of two children and their new friend the Nutcracker, who tells them the wonderful and familiar stories of his past.



21062 The Journey of Bangwell Putt by Mariana.

The Journey of Bangwell Putt.

A reproduction of the original hand lettered hand-coloured book, this book retains the charm of the heroine, a stumpy little doll from Deerfield who longs for adventure. Bangwell Putt has one memorable night at a ball in the Museum in New York.



20413 LifeandAdventuresofGeneralSpooley by Falls.

The Life and Adventures of General Spooley.

Already a little tree with a glorious future in mind, our tree witnesses a Great War (Civil War) battle with a victorious Union Army. He decides that he wants to become a general, so he grows straight and tall. He is chosen for toy shop lumber and becomes the leader of 11 wooden soldiers for Tommy's Christmas. His excellent discipline and strategy ensure Tommy's victories, and even when some of his men are worn and lost, he is promoted to General and put in charge of a successful army of spools. Then as Tommy grows up, General Spooley helps him with his studies and accompanies him to his base, meeting the original General as an old man. A happy ending ensues for them both, unlike the fate of Andersen's tree. An odd, original book, by a military expert, with rather primitive but charming and colourful chromos, not in Hunt.



19852 A Doll's Day by Brown.

A Doll's Day.

A doll relates the events of her day with "Mother"", hour by hour, in verse with the text and decorated capital on one side and a bold black deco illustration with orange and teal details. Between each verse is a spread with a cuckoo clock on one side and a large drawing of the coming poem on the other. A very charming period piece, designed with care.



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