Older Fairy & Folk Books

Fairy & Folk Tales: Older Folk & Fairy Books. 19th and early 20th c publications. Modern illustrators of individual authors from this period may also be found in Modern Juvenile and Picture Folk & Fairy sections, for instance, modern editions of Anderson, Grimm, Perrault, d'Aulnoy, and Asbjorsen. (La Fontaine and Aesop are with Myths Fables and Legends.)
Crosspatch... Broderip/Thomas Hood, ill hand coloured plates. Griffith 1865

Crosspatch, the Cricket and the Counterpane, a Patchwork of Story and Song.

"A patchwork of story and song" a long fantasy involving two children and the strange characters. Beautifully coloured plates, still very bright. Frances and Thomas (Tom Hood) were the children of the poet Thomas Hood the Elder. They collaborated on a series of young children's books.



Green Willow. James, ed/Goble ill. Macmillan, 1923/1910, 3rd trade ed.

Green Willow and other Japanese Fairy Tales.

A collection of Japanese tales and legends from various sources: from the author's memory, from plays, and from the Ko-ji-ki or Record of Ancient Matters .. some newly translated. Beautifully illustrated by Goble. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Quacks, the Story of the Ugly Duckling, Marion Wingrave, illustrator.

Quacks, the Story of the Ugly Duckling.

Finelined borders surround verse tale and a lovely chromolithograph on each page showing the (never ugly) duckling set in a bucolic landscape. Some pages have borders of wild flowers. Quite beautiful, with no printer ascribed. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



The Fairy Book, J. A. Adams, illustrator, Harper and Brothers (1836)

The Fairy Book.

Twenty-seven fairy tales: traditional English, Perrault and others, with twelve translated for this volume; includes Florise, Prince Nosey, Aurora&Amy, and a very interesting introduction by "John Smith". PLEASE NOTE: This book has been sold.



19883 Cecily (Elf Goldihair) by Helm, Gertrude Kay illustrator.

Cecily (Elf Goldihair) (Elfchen Goldhaar)

Pictures with Kay's odd charm about a little circus girl who has a trapeze accident and stays behind under the care of a widow and her son. Her friends call her Elf Goldenhair since she is as light as a fairy queen, but her wildness is too much for the village and she is sent away to school. By a German children's novelist of the second half of the 1900's, who wrote fairy tales and many books for adolescent girls.



The White Elephant by Faulkner, Frederick Richardson, ill. Volland 1929 1st. Box

The White Elephant and Other Tales from India.

Stories taken from various sources and originally broadcast by the "Radio Lady", which read smoothly. Her introduction gives children further books to explore and introduces them to comparative folklore. The illustrations are beautiful: full color plates inspired by Mughal painting, each facing a decorated caption, and others in black and white. (Since all Volland paper was "plate" quality, the colour and b/w could be printed on either side of the sheet.)

The stories are: The White Elephant, The Grain of Corn, The Timid Little Rabbit, Singh Raja and the Cunning Little Jackals, The Kingdom of Mouseland, The Alligator and the Jackal, The Bold Blackbird, The Kid and the Tiger, The Brahmin and the Tiger, The Bear's Bad Bargain, The Man Who Rode a Tiger.



Twinkie Town Tales by Carlyle Emery, Arthur Henderson, ill, Whitman, 1932

Twinkie Town Tales.

The first two of the Hamilton-Brown Shoe Company softcover series, itself compiled from their ads, gathered into one large book. The constantly grinning Twinkies establish their town and work away in a bright colourful world, fully realized with much detail. The rhymes flow smoothly, fun to read aloud.



The Red Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, Ford & Speed, ill, Longmans 1912/1890.

The Red Fairy Book.

A serviceable copy of the second Fairy Book in the same format as the original trade edition, and thus nice to have. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Flower Fairies of the Summer by Cicely Mary Barker. Modern Blackie reprint.

Flower Fairies of the Summer.

An attractive little book with quite nice modern reproductions by the original publisher on matte paper. Note: This book has been sold.



Flower Fairy Alphabet. by Cicely Mary Barker. Modern Blackie reprint.

Flower Fairy Alphabet.

An attractive little book with quite good modern reproductions by the original publisher on matte paper. A nice present for a little girl who likes fairies. Note: This book has been sold.



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