Modern Picture Myths & Fables,

Myths & Fables: Modern Myths & Fables. Picture Books, of Myths, Fables, and Legends, most single, published from mid20th c on. Religious texts included. Modern written myths, fables, or legends only if so described by the author.
20906 Sun-Day, Moon-Day, how the week was made.Gilchrist

Sun-Day, Moon-Day, how the week was made.

Each day of the week includes a page or two of information and then a myth or folk tale. Liberally illustrated. Note: This book has been sold.



20902 Jason and the Golden Fleece. Fisher

Jason and the Golden Fleece.




20839 Through the Mickle Woods Gregory

Through the Mickle Woods.

In this written fairytale, a grieving king finds peace while listening to three stories told by a huge bear.



21608 The Great Blueness by Lobel.

The Great Blueness.

From the Great Blackness (or black and whiteness) the Magician introduces the primary colours into the world, one by one. Each brings delight to the populace but eventual problems... until the pots overflow... A very simple and interesting story for young children with no technical terms.



28990 Spirit Child; A Story of the Nativity.

Spirit Child; A Story of the Nativity.

A Nativity translated from the Aztec from Sahagun's Psalmodia Christiana (1583) and appearing here in English for the first time. "The pictures for Spirit Child were like explosions of light in my head. It was a complete labor of love trying to express this with brushes and paint."



Peach Blossom Spring.

A fisherman happens on a perfect valley, Peach Blossom Spring, which has been sealed off for hundreds of years. After promising to reveal its secret to no one, he leaves to get his things. Delicate paintings of China. Note: This book has been sold.



Owl Lake

The first of these beautiful books to appear in the United States. Strong coloured woodblocks illustrate this owl tale from Japan.  Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



The Story of Pink Jade.

Pink Jade, the most famous courtesan in all China, spurned kings and emperors and sought the king of kings. Review copy slip laid in, nicely illustrated.  Note: This book has been sold.



Tye May and the Magic Brush.

In ancient China, a poor orphan peasant girl wants desparately to learn to paint. A magic woman appears in her sleep and gave her a brush which brings everything she draws to life. A very interesting plot on an early reader level.



The Artist and the Architect.

An old Chinese folktale brought to life with Demi's graceful and colourful paintings.



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