Books in overall terrible condition, or nice books with a few serious flaws. These come to us in large lot buys, but some of them were once beautiful and we can't resist listing them. Good purchases for artists and designers, families who can do a little home repair, or collectors who want to fill a hole temporarily. Generally these are very inexpensive, with the exception of those books very valuable in ordinary condition.
21433 Venturesome Voyage by Allen

Venturesome Voyage.

Twin orphans, brother and sister, cast adrift, sail with a shipment of humanitarian aid to Greece during the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Turks (1821-1832). Endless adventures ensue, the brother trying to care for his sister, and the sister always thinking up a new exciting plan (unlike the self-consciously "spunky" heroines of recent YA fiction, Phoebe is the real thing) Though they begin with the idea of grand adventure, their gradual understanding of the complexity of the situation and the suffering of the refugees, as well as the limits of their ability to care for themselves are handled truthfully, always from a child's point of view. An amusing and ultimately very touching book. SIGNED and BRIEFLY INSCRIBED by the author.



One Two Three Four.

Simply beautiful large chromolithos of animals set in landscapes, showing 1+1 through 9+1 and then doubling to 5.



The Red Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, Ford & Speed, ill, Longmans 1912/1890.

The Red Fairy Book.

A serviceable copy of the second Fairy Book in the same format as the original trade edition, and thus nice to have. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Fairy Flowers by Isidora Newman, /Willy Pogany, ill., NY Oxford 1926, 1st Am

Fairy Flowers.

Really wonderful fairy stories and pictures, strange, too. They made a strong impression on me as a child. Newman was a Jewish storyteller and painter originally from New Orleans interested in children's welfare. Pogany encouraged her natural talent.

A book I am discarding as I upgrade my own collection. Please note that the main jpg here is of an interior plate, not the binding. Note also that while people frequently refer to these plates as being "tipped in" (glued at the top), all the ones I have seen have been mounted, or pasted - on Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Up the Chimney to Ninny Land, Chester, A. S. M.  T. Nelson & Sons, 1894

Up the Chimney to Ninny Land, a Story for Children (On top board Up the Chimney to Ninny-Land A Fairy Story).

Somewhere between Alice and Mrs. Piggle-wiggle ... the little boys visit a land of ninnies, children who are forced to misbehave as much as they once wished, but who will never grow up, finnininnies, dinnininnies, etc. "The very youngest children will revel in its quaint pictures and the strange and amusing happenings of the two little boys who went up the chimney to Fairyland." Publisher's Weekly 9/29/1894. Apparently so, these are scarce. The very imaginative plates and drawings by one artist are well presented but not credited.



Peter Rabbit  Charles E. Graham & Co, Childland Booklet Series

Peter Rabbit

Exact copies of Potter's pictures. A pirated American version. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Old Mother Hubbard Charles E. Graham & Co, Childland Booklet Series 0903,

Old Mother Hubbard

The dog as a fat Victorian gentleman, supplied by Mother Hubbard with every luxury of the East.




The Snow-Flakes by M. Bentham-Edwards,/H. K. Browne ("Phiz"), ill

Snow-Flakes and the Stories they Told the Children.

The snowflake fairies tell their stories in verse: of a poor Swiss mountain boy whose old dog is sold to an English lady traveller, of a foundling raised by an old fishing couple, who turns out to be a prince,  of a very ill child who worries about the birds she can no longer feed, of Don Jose, who lost all his wealth but treasured his mule Jacintha,of a poor young seamstress in London who saves to buy a lark and then frees it.  Children must have loved this book! Very fine blocks by Browne, all in verse, the work of a minor romantic Victorian poet (1836 - 1919). NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



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