Chinese history

The Girl Who Loved Caterpillars.

A retelling of a story found on a twelfth century scroll, in which a young girl chooses her own interests and her own life.



Plum-Blossom and Kai Lin.

Plum-Blossom discovers she has been sold into slavery by her parents, but the son of the house has modern ideas. Set during the twenty years of fighting after the fall of the Manchu Dynasty in 1911. Lovely ink drawings, which must be the author's.



The Journey of Meng.

Meng sets out on an arduous journey to take warm clothes to her husband, who is working on the Great Wall. An ancient Chinese tale about the power of love and courage, illustrated with lyrical watercolours.



Oracle Bones, Stars, and Wheelbarrows: Ancient Chinese Science and Technology.

Clear and well diagramed, making this interesting subject available to young people.



Selected Drawings by Chinese Children.

Prepared for the International Year of the Child.




A brief story about an obedient small girl during the War in China: how she walked across the plains to the city, stayed in a school, and found her own aunt, by chance. PLEASE NOTE: This book has been sold.




Fritz's warm and vivid memories of growing up in China as a small girl.



5017 In the Days of the Han by Jagendorf.

In The Days of the Han.

An impressively produced novel based on China in the second century BC.



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