Contes des Fees Illustres (Perrault). Lefevre, Guerin, ca. 1895.

Les Contes des Fees Illustres.

A simply beautiful little gift book, containing la Belle au bois dormant; le Petit chaperon rouge, la Barbe-bleu, le Maitre chat, les Fees, Cendrillon, Riquet a la houppe, le Petit Poucet, Peau d'ane, les Souhaits ridicules, l'Adroite Princess. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Fairy Garland. Perrault et al/ Dulac, ill. Scribner's, 1929, 1st US trade ed.

A Fairy Garland.

A poem and eight tales, most by Perrault and d'Aulnoy, including Puss in Boots, , Green Dragon, Fortunata, May blossom, with lovely paintings set in impressed frames. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



The Princes Fire-Flash & Fire-Fade by Mrs. James. Griffith/Kobunsha.

The Princes Fire-Flash & Fire-Fade.

NOTE: This copy has been SOLD.



Blanche Neige et autres contes de Grimm.

Contains Blanche Neige (Snow White), Rose-rose et Rose-Rouge (Rose White and Rose Red), and Les Musiciens de la Ville de Breme (the Brementown Musicians), with illustrations on every page, some rose toned, most in full colour.



Book of Giants.

A collection of 19 giant tales chosen and introduced by Mayne, with authors from Jonathan Swift to Janet McNeill.




In this version of Rapunzel, taken from the Pentamerone of about 1600, Petrosinella breaks the witch's enchantment with three acorns and escapes with her prince. In wash and ink illustrations reflecting the values of 16th art. Note: This book has been sold.



The Rain-God's Daughter and other African Fairy Tales, including tales from Jackanory.

"Here my tale! Let it come from me to you!" Wrong Way Round Country, Little Men on Kilimanjaro, The Great Greedy Beast, Praise Be to Cat, The Drinking Hole, My Berries, (title), Magic Bird, Rabbit and Elephant.



The Great Quillow

Can little Quillow the toymaker, affectionately called the Great Quillow by the townsmen, foil the ravenous giant Hunder?? Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Tales from the Welsh Hills.

Twelve tales first told the author by her Welsh grandparents, among them; Luc; Morgan and the Pot of Brains; Prince Alun and the Cannwyl Corph; Six-and-Four; Arawn; Scoffer; Cardiff Town; The Smart Daughter; Ruddy-My-Beard.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Contes en Vers et en Prose.

An inclusive collection in an attractive French '30's paperback.



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