family life

The Pavilion by Elfrida Vipont. Holt Rinehart Winston. 1970, 1st printing.

The Pavilion.

How the Haverard family becomes aware of the beauty of the old music pavilion nearby, and tries to save it from developers.



Castle Blair. Shaw/Varian. Roberts Brothers, 1885/ 1878.

Castle Blair, a story of youthful days.

A large unruly family in an Irish castle and their run-ins with the estate agent, based on the author's own childhood. Well ahead of its time in the breadth of its setting, this book remained popular into the 20th century. Flora Shaw (1852 - 1929) became a very well known international journalist. A funny book that is still a delight to read..  (Note the review of Treasure Island, first appearing as a book in 1883, in the catalogue.)



Camping Spree of Kiddies Three, Dods/Margaret Evans Price,ill Stecher (1916)

The Camping Spree of Kiddies Three.

A resolutely cheerful poem about family camping, quite fun, with sweet pictures in lovely colours.



The Family Under the Moon.

The Family Under the Moon.

The loving thoughts of a family of three generations under the moonlight, with soft, poetic watercolour illustrations in dark blues, blacks, and pale yellows.



Un Bon Petit Diable.




Seven Sunflower Seeds.

Barry suspects a plot to fix the Grand National and to edge Britain into the Common Market. The children in the Callendar stories involve themselves in the political lives of their parents.



The Middle Moffat.

How Jane, the "mysterious middle Moffat" of her large, happy family, befriends the "oldest inhabitant."



Cousin Melinda.

June's Cousin Melinda seemed scared of all the animals of the bayou (except cows) but she grew accustomed to the large noisy household and promised to come back the next summer. A happy family story, set in Louisiana.



Meet Posy Bates.

Posy loves all animals, and keeps herself busy with spiders, a walking stick, a ladybug, and a hedgehop since she can't have a dog. Then comes the wild pet show! A beginning chapter book by a fine writer.



Little Pear and His Friends.




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