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17587 The Story of the Little Red Hen/Old Woman illus Richardson.

The Story of the Little Red Hen/The Story of the Old Woman and Her Pig.

Story tales opposite coloured pictures in a book made for small hands. Note: This book has been sold.



Alte Bekannte anon Stroefer's Kunstverlag #1073, E. Rister printing, ca 1900

Alte Bekannte.

Simply beautiful animal chromolithographs. In German. Such lovely horses that we had to put it with the horse books.



The Friendly Beasts. Baker, Laura. /Nicolas Sidjakov, ill. Parnassus Press.

The Friendly Beasts.

A very appealing little book with the Nativity told from the animal's point of view. Beautiful lithographs. A nice first Christmas present. The artist's similar Babouska, published three years later, Babouska, won the Caldecott Medal. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Farmyard Play  Book. A Panorama. (1940)

Farmyard Play Book. A Panorama. (1940)

Big bright die cut animals, depicted on both sides of these cards and hinged with green cloth tape, so that a whole row of animals can stand up: rooster, rabbit, goat, cat, goose, sheep, dog, pig. It may be time for the fine animals in this lovely old panorama to become a nursery mobile, or the hinges could be repaired. The collectible value, though, is pretty much gone. Note: This book has been sold.



Around the Barn by Ellen Segner. A Sit-in Panorama.

Around the Barn by Ellen Segner. A Sit-in Panorama.

Lively little stories of events on the farm, "Colts like to run in the field" with more action and setting than most panoramas. Ellen Segner is best known for developing the logo of  the little girl on Sunbeam bread. She also illustrated a few trade books, Scott Foresman readers, and posters of outdoorsy pin-up girls. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Friendly Farm.Schilling Co. 1945. A Panorama.

Friendly Farm. A Panorama.

The design of this panorama allows for many different pictures: bees, a goose, a turtle, swans, workhorses, a squirrel, a guinea hen, and pigeons as well as the usual characters. The artwork is typical of this sort of book from the 40's, with detailed animals and rather plain backgrounds, but with a horse-drawn buckrake and haywagon. Unfortunately, we do not know the painter of these sweet pictures.



Friends on the Farm ABC.

Friends on the Farm ABC.

Eight gentle, large pictures of farm animals, including a lovely white draft horse and her baby, and a nice mother Pointer and her puppies; smaller drawings for each letter of the alphabet in burnt sienna and orange, which look to be by the same artist. Note: This book has been SOLD.



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