Roundabout Ransom.

A family story mystery involving Neil, a bully, a box in the apple shed, TV judo lessons, and a brave decision.



Leon and Bob.

Leon gives up his cherished invisible friend Bob when a new boy moves next door. The light in the high old rooms seemed so clearly reflected from the sea .. then I saw in small print that the book was based on Salisbury Road, in Plymouth.




Bright, flat gouache paintings tell the story of four best friends and the new girl in the neighborhood .. who was awful! Then their mothers make them go to her magical birthday party. True to the real world of little girls.



Soup on Wheels.

Just look at the cover.. a barrel with two kids in zebra-leg costumes racing down the hill on skates .. and you know it's another hilarious Soup and Rob adventure.



The War on William Street.

Sydney, 1930's: some boys' attempt to sell papers on Sidney street escalates into a bitter turf struggle.




Emily and Herbert catch sight of a wild looking girl rowing through the fog. They discover that she has amnesia and is very frightened of all people. Gradually they lead her back to a normal life.



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