(The Song of Wise Oleg.) Pesn o veschem Olege

On the centenary of his birth, Pushkin's  "small masterpiece" Oleg the Wise was illustrated by the Russian artist Vasnetsov, who had turned from genre and religious paintings to Russian myths and fairy tales.

The brave 10th c prince Oleg the Wise hears of his doom from a scornful wizard. Fearing the prophecy that his horse will bring about his death, Oleg sadly puts his beloved horse out to pasture, "Forget me not old friend. Farewell!" and he continues on with his brilliant career. Years later, he learns that his horse has died so that having followed the prophecy seems to have been useless. As he gently touches the horse's skull, a snake shoots out and poisons him. His companions sing the praise "of him whom death had brought to naught." A touching horse story in Pushkin's telling, as well as a philosophical hero tale, with a beautiful stocky white horse, long-maned with a knotted forelock.

Included is a 1988 full sized facsimile reproduction of the English translation booklet provided by Mme Pogosky's Depot for Russian Peasant Industries, and turned into English verse very early in his career by the poet Wilfred Wilson Gibson, with her title page and with a two page modern afterword by V. Golenishchev on Pushkin and on Vasnetsov's illustrations. (190th anniversary of Pushkin's birth)

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The Golden Book of Christmas Tales.

Very short tales with large intricate pictures to illustrate them: The Cherry Tree, The Talking Animals, The Robin, The Glastonberry Thorn, La Befana, and others. Possibly some of these appeared earlier in Life magazine. Note: This book has been sold.



Folk Tales of Sind and Guzarat.

With an introduction by M. de P. Webb, December 1924, when recent finds at Mohenjo Daro lent an extra excitement to Sindh tales. An uncommon original edition of a book which has been reissued, most recently as Folk Tales of Sindh & Gujarat, 2000. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



The Legend of the Orange Blossom.

Also contains Princess Pity Patter, The Lily Nymph and A Great-Big-Man. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Stories from Chaucer.

Containing The Knight's Tale, the Man of Laws Tale, and the Clerk of Oxford's Tale, well adapted for young Edwardian children, with beautiful Art Nouveau plates. Underdown and Anderson's longer and more elaborate book, Gateway to Chaucer, published the previous year, is readily available, but this book is not common. Note: This book has been sold.



In the Reign of Coyote: Folklore from the Pacific Coast.

In this retelling, Indian servants on a large ranch across the bay from San Francisco tell the stories to little Dona Juanita and Don Antonio. Sources cited in the preface for the tales of different Native American tribes of Alta&Baja California. Note: This book has been SOLD.



Stories California Indians Told.

Twelve authentic tales with more than 40 illustrations inspired by native design. NOTE: This book has been sold.



Indian Sleep-Man Tales.




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