21465 The Lion's Story by Johnson.

The Lion's Own Story.

Unfortunately for this bookseller, this copy is too tight to read! "..her lion is no Pooh. A tougher-minded, more unsentimental stuffed beast it would be hard to find." NY Herald Tribune. "Ellen's bewitching logic and sophistication and her range of activity with the lion seem completely unforced." Horn Book.



The Mouse and the Lion.

The mouse and the lion had set out to visit the world of people, when a fairy, feeling sorry for the mouse, made him appear larger than the largest lion to those who viewed him. The stage is set..



Lancelot, A "Glowing-Eye" Book by Marjorie Barrows.

Lancelot, A "Glowing-Eye" Book by Marjorie Barrows.

How Lancelot learned to roar and purr and saved his zoo. Lancelot still glows! (Read the instructions..) Note: This book has been sold.



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