Gauto ... written and illus. by Anneliese Sinn. Exposition Press, 1960, 1st prin

Gauto and the Snow-capped Mountain.

A little Mexican boy hopes to gather cool snow from the high mountain for his ill sister, but there Quetzacoatl guides him to the wisdom of the mission below. A little classic, hard to find, by an author only briefly connected with Mexico; with very nice inked sketches facing each page. SIGNED by author.



Manuela's Birthday.

Manuela's Birthday.

A little girl in Taxco, Mexico, gets a blonde doll. A book with a stereotyped plot, but with appealing pictures of the little girl.



Emmy and the Blue Door.

Emmy Lane, a child of itinerant workers, decides to go on a Friends Service Project to a very poor Indian village in Mexico. Although she herself has come from a hard life, she is unprepared for what she finds. Follows Knock at the Door, Emmy.




Nadita was called Little Nothing because her origins were unknown. She lived happily with the old potter under a tree on the Padron's estate, until evil people from a travelling circus stole her away. Many adventures follow and she finds her name.



Juan y Maria en Mexico. Amigos Panamericanos, Libro Cinco.

The fifth of this excellent old series, this one illustrated with photos. Level 5, two or three page stories with paragraphs and dialogue.



Pedro Fools the Gringo written and illus. by Brusca

Pedro Fools the Gringo, and other tales of a Latin American Trickster.

Many tales of the trickery of Pedro Udremales exist, for he travelled Latin America, fooling the rich and powerful with his outrageous cunning. Here is a collection of twelve stories told in simple prose with many illustrations.



The Monkey's Haircut and other stories told by the Maya.

A mixture of stories told by the Maya, from the Popul Vuh to African and Spanish stories, collected and retold by an outstanding interpretor of folklore for children.



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