Middle Ages

The Golden Book of Christmas Tales.

The Golden Book of Christmas Tales.

Very short tales with large intricate pictures to illustrate them: The Cherry Tree, The Talking Animals, The Robin, The Glastonberry Thorn, La Befana, and others. Possibly some of these appeared earlier in Life magazine. Note: This book has been sold.



Black Horses for the King.

Black Horses for the King.

The court of King Arthur (Artos) from the point of view of a Roman-Celtic boy, Galwyn, who eventually helps Arthur develop a stable of war horses for his knights. To help their hooves adjust to the English climate, he also becomes a skilled farrier. Although this is a departure from science fiction, the author knows her history and her horses, and this book is an absorbing read. (And a good example of how a book's price is more influenced by availability than anything else!) PLEASE NOTE: This book has been sold.




Lively's first children's novel; children investigate the secrets of a stone village now deep in the wood, destroyed since the Black Death.



Knights Besieged.

Escaping from the medieval court of Sulieman the Wise, Geoff is recaptured by Turks, then freed by Knights Templar and taken in strict custody to Rhodes.



Riddle of the Black Knight; tales and fables from the middle ages.

Lesser known stories from the Gesta Romanorum, giving a vivid picture of the European Middle Ages translated & vividly retold: Riddle of the Black Knight; ten Chests, Fool of God, Race with Rosamond; Strike There!; Three Gifts; and also six Fables.



The Troubadour.

How Aubrey, knight of the Red Cross, travelling in the guise of a troubadour, plotted with 10 year old Marjolaine to retake the Ornac Castle from the evil baron. Accurate and relatively easy to read historical fiction, set in 13th c France.
Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Lad with a Whistle.

Bob McFarland, a former wandering musician, becomes the guardian of two children of the nobility. Set in a romanticized early 19th c Scotland.



The Magic Wall.

Adapted from a tale about King Frederick in medieval Austria, illustrated in black, pink, yellow, and green. SIGNED with long affectionate inscription from author "to my friend who inspired me.."



Merry Ever After.

Two medieval weddings of a noble and a peasant couple, told in bright paintings.




Lady Edith, escaping marriage to an odious knight, sets out with her nurse on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Almost at once, the pilgrims are waylaid in the king's forest by Rhiannon, a wild girl who will play a vital role in Edith's life. dw flap.



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