Tenggren's Night Before Christmas.

Tenggren's Night Before Christmas.

Nice blocky, generous sized pictures, with cute Tenggren children and a more conventional Santa. Stuffed toys under the tree include a Tawny Scrawny lion and a Poky Little Puppy! Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Lyulchitsa by Dora Gabe, George Atanasov, ill. Sofiya, Bulgaria: Chipev 1933.

Lyulchitsa by Dora Gabe (Bulgarian Children's poetry )

Wonderful artwork. These are six line poems by the Bulgarian writer, poet, and critic Dora Gabe, (1886 - 1983). Each poem is illustrated with a rural domestic child scene, two children chat with a ladybug, a boy picks flowers in the woods, a mother plays pat-a-cake with her baby, a family gathers proudly around the pumpkin they have grown. The decorated letters are beautiful as is the traditional dress. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Das Kind in Lied und Bild songs by Pestalozzi, Nitsch, ill. Wernthal [1905].

Das Kind in Lied und Bild.

A beautiful collection of the songs of the Swiss educator illustrated by a German artist. Uncommon.



Bajki. (K. Czukowski)

Bajki. (K. Czukowski)

Eight long poems for children, illustrated with fanciful animals and insects. By the author/illustrator pair who did Dla Dzieci for Czytelnik in 1955.



Little Rhymes for Little Readers. Seegmiller/Hallock. Rand McNally, 1903.

Little Rhymes for Little Readers.

A very large book, nicely illustrated on every page, monochrome illustrations and marginalia. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



El Bombo de Bambu by Olivera / Iribarren, ill. Emece Editores, 1952, 1st pr.

El Bombo de Bambu.

A delightful compilation of the author's own poems as well as ones he has loved since childhood, in several languages, illustrated with small bright paintings, with a spectacular center fold.



Pajaro-cu-cu. (Ingrid Wolf and Gertraut Fuchs)

Pajaro-cu-cu. (Ingrid Wolf and Gertraut Fuchs)

Short poems from all around the world illustrated in vibrant colour and broad strokes. Note: This book has been sold.



Nursery Rattle for Little Folks. Huber/Faber, ill.Claxton...1873/1872, presm 1st

The Nursery Rattle for Little Folks.

Many, many rhymes, reminiscent of nursery rhymes, but gentler, and quite well done. The illustrations are by a German American artist primarily known for medical illustration and his "Death of Lincoln" There must be an interesting story behind this book.



A Cat Came Fiddling and other Rhymes of Childhood. (Irene Haas, illus).

A Cat Came Fiddling... (Irene Haas, illus).

Fifty-seven nonsense verses and nursery rhymes with new music by Kapp of which Burl Ives says in his introduction "it sounds as though it had never been written, only been sung." Amusing illustrations and very simple piano accompaniments.



Queen Summer, Walter Crane, Cassell 1901.

Queen Summer or the Tourney of the Lily & the Rose.

Please note: THIS BOOK IS SOLD. Although this book is not easy to find in nice shape, we happen to have two additional copies, in almost identical condition to this one.
Light colours and white space fill outlined pictures, a bright and graceful book.



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