The Adventures of Tom Leigh.

Tom, newly orphaned, must apprentice to the kindly weaver, Mr. Firth, but a jealous journeyman frames him. Setting her story in 18th century Yorkshire, the author continues the topics of her adult books in this, her first book for children.



Sea Captain from Salem: the Third Book in the Treegate Series about the American Revolution.

Follows Peter Treegate's War. "a vivid picture of this neglected but critical chapter in the War of Independence."



Daughter of Liberty.

Daughter of Liberty.

The experiences of Polly Sumner, a French fashion doll in Boston during the American Revolution who once brought a note to Paul Revere and is now residing in the Old State House. Miss Boutwell, a children's librarian, came from an old NE family.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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