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21445 The Court of the Stone Children by Cameron.

The Court of the Stone Children.

Cameron weaves the Napoleonic past with San Francisco of the present in a lovely and gripping American fantasy.



Marjorie and her Papa, by R. H. Fletcher, ill by Reginald Birch, SIGNED.

Marjorie and Her Papa. (Frank P. Deering, San Francisco interest)

"How they wrote a story and made pictures for it,".. illustrations by Birch after Fletcher's design. The story is interspersed with dialogue between the two, a little affected but amusing. Presentation copy to Frank  P, Deering c/o the SF Bohemian club, with warm inscription in rhyme SIGNED by the author and additional tipped-in letter in envelope from the author.  "to Endearing Miss Frank Deering in the "first" year of her age/ This the "Author" now appearing/ Hopes she'll laugh at every page;/ Hopes, too, that whate'er her age is,/When Life's story she has heard/ She'll find joy in all its pages/And be happy as a bird. Robert Howe Fletcher, San Francisco, August 20th, 1905. The book must have been in the Russian Hill house seven months later. Ask us for contents of the letter. NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



The Truant Tricycle. Marion. /C. Leslie Crandall, ill. Hollow-Tree House, 1948

The Truant Tricycle.

When Bobby saw the Bicycle in the park, he forgot his old friend Ting-a-Ling. So the tricycle went exploring, down the steep hill. He was rescued by Tommy Lee, who fixed him up and loved him. Then Tommy's father saw the Lost and Found ad! All ends happily. Set in San Francisco on Nob Hill and in Chinatown, a nice little story of two city cultures connected by good parents and a tricycle. Beautiful colours by a Bohemian artist/partner who designed games for CADACO in Chicago, with an Art Deco feel. You can even buy a print online of the cover illustration! The Hollow-Tree Book publishing house was short lived. All their books were illustrated by Crandall, and may have been a side product of the game company, since even at that time $1 was very inexpensive for such colour and design.



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