"While playing pirates with his little sister and her cat in an old crate he finds on the beach, Flynn suddenly discovers that they are adrift on the sea and that he must somehow keep them all alive.



The Changeling Sea.

Periwinkle tries to contact the land beneath the sea in this magical adventure. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Ship's Cook Ginger.

Something terrible always happened when Tim and Ginger went to sea. Tim's father said, "Nonsense, my dear. This time we will be with them, which makes all the difference. But Tim's mother was still worried and she was right."



Tim All Alone.

Through some terrible mistake, Tim comes back home to find his house for let and his parents gone. Off he goes to sea and, when his raft comes to shore, he and his cat walk up the steep beach and find his mother. Grand adventure, loving reunion.



My Sister Sif.

Erika returns with her sister to a tropical island paradise, where dolphins swim with people and the volcano is regarded as a kind of a resident pet, but the modern world threatens this paradise.



Storm by Von Eisen.

Storm, Dog of Newfoundland.

An exciting sea story of a brave and noble Newfoundland. The jacket illustration alone could bring tears to your eyes. (Don't read the end first!) The first book of the author of Bond of  the Fire, also a great  dog book. Please note: THIS BOOK IS SOLD.



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