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Hello,  We're happy to help with your questions about our books or about ordering and shipping.
 503 838 5452
We are here most of the time, but not always near the phone.
(Dear East Coast Customers: Please remember that  we are in Oregon, PST. Thanks!)


General book questions:

Ordering and Shipping questions ONLY:

Truman and Suzanne Price
7210 Helmick Road
Monmouth, OR 97361

We are open by appointment.  Our business is located in the country outside of Salem, Oregon, easy to find.  Please call beforehand if you would like to visit so that we can retrieve books for you.

Book Fairs

For years we happily exhibited at book fairs up and down the coast, stopping at little bookstores along the way. Then, sadly, most of the small shops were forced to close by large chains. Half the fun was gone, and began to we concentrate on selling online. We've recently decided to do shows again, so at present:

Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair 2015
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall