20332 The Bunnikins-Bunnies in Camp.

The Bunnikins-Bunnies in Camp.

The Bunnikins and their squirrel friends spend a happy summer in the open air, with just a few mishaps Even the bear family welcomes them.



The Tough Winter written and illustrated by Robert Lawson, 1954, 1st.

The Tough Winter

A sequel to Rabbit Hill, the animal community of a traditional American family farm survives the winter. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Old Mother Bunny, a shape book

On both covers, a large and determined mother rabbit, with red shoes and a manic expression, attacks a carrot with her paring knife; inside, on plain pages, are an assortment of publisher pictures:  period drawings of clothed rabbits, on the center spread two copies from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit (with a kindly mother!) and a naturalistic rabbit family.



18924 The Bunnikins-Bunnies and the Moon King by Davidson.

The Bunnikins-Bunnies and the Moon King.

With a cheerful disregard for astronomy, the Bunnikin-Bunnies take the entire family on a trip to the Moon via the Milky Way. The "airship" looks very much like a boat with a cabin. An early science fiction book for little ones, you might say. Fun!



The Christmas Party by Adrienne Adams.

The Christmas Party.

The rabbit children plan a Christmas party. Filled with wonderful pictures on every page, in colour,  of the little rabbits at work, many of a dark starry night. Unfortunately, this copy is so new and tight that I was unable to open it to show the pictures!



Rabbit Hill. written and illustrated by Robert Lawson, 1966/1944.

Rabbit Hill.

Little Georgie Rabbit discovers a new family is moving into the big house. Will they be hunters or planters? A quiet classic. Newbery Medal. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



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