Farmyard Favorites.

Farmyard Favorites.

The fine linen has a glazed finish resembling oilcloth which lends itself well to deeply coloured chromolithos and sepia line drawings. In colour: a ewe and her lamb on the cover, a cat with a fine dish, cows in a pasture, sheep in the sunshine, a St. Bernard in the snow, a racing collie.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Little Ones by Dorothy Kunhardt / Wiese ill. Viking, 1935, 1st printing.

Little Ones.

Beautiful lithographs for each of the eleven baby stories, told in unrhymed verse. A special book.



 Ark That Glue Built. Clara Williams/George Williams, ill. Stokes 1908/1908.

The Ark That Glue Built.

Magnificent pictures of the animals: constructing the ark, running toward it in a storm, drowning in the flood, sitting at dinner in the ark, playing, dancing, conferring with Noah, and racing off onto dry land two by two. Apparently done by a careful older child, so that the cutting of the black lines is not perfect and a few of the placements are debatable, but a wonderful piece and hard to find in this series.



The Animal Frolic. Text by Velma Varner.

12th Century Japanese Art (the Shoji Gig or Scroll of Animals) with a text by Velum Lerner and a tribute to ABAA Solo by Taro Yashima.



Animals at Home: Woolf, Rose Yeatman/Eric Vredenburg.Raphael Tuck  1907-1910

Animals at Home: British Domestic Animals and British Wild Animals.

Caught in the torchlight! A surprised fox on the cover. In a chatty tone with many anecdotes, the author writes about selective breeding, the history of each animal, and its modern life. "From time immemorial Man and Horse have been such close companions that the mere suggestion of the latter passing from our streets and cities, causes a pang of regret to those who love the docile creatures.... for motor traffic and flying machines are ousting man's faithful servants and depriving them not only of the right to work, but the right to live." I would guess the plates are repeated in other books in this series. A charming, inexpensive old book in nice condition.



Grandfather's Farm, illus by Rojankovsky. A Panorama.

Grandfather's Farm, illus by Rojankovsky. A Panorama.

Bright, beautiful paintings of farm animal parents and babies which unfold to give the impression of a continuous illustration, with the barn on the front board and the farmhouse on the back. Although the paintings are not signed, this is clearly Rojankovsky's. work from the 40's, in the style of his Nursery Tales. (We also have a box of similar Platt&Munk puzzles). A guard dog, pigs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, cows, rabbits, ducks and a turkey. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



Animal Lore and Disorder, over 200 Animals! A Riddle Book.

Animal Lore and Disorder.

Each page is split in two so that on each spread the rather Seuss-like pictures of  "real" animals can be divided, and their names and written descriptions scrambled, forming new creations with odd names and histories. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



A Book of Magical Beasts by Ruth Manning-Sanders, Raymond Briggs, ill.

A Book of Magical Beasts.




The Little Swineherd by Paula Fox, Leonard Lubin, ill.

The Little Swineherd and Other Tales.

Five fables written by the author, about a swineherd, a rooster, a pony, an alligator, and a raccoon.



Little Pets Linen ABC.

Little Pets Linen ABC.

A first primer, with three examples of each initial letter sound in the small pictures "Quaker, Quail, Quiver" and CVC words and sentences to practice on, ending with a simple story. The front cover gives an interesting message about the value of learning to read!



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