Tusk and Stone by Malcolm Bosse. Front Street, 1995, 1st printing.

Tusk and Stone.

Arjun searches endlessly for his sister through many lives, experiencing the glory of a warrior, the endurance of a captive, and the power of a stone mason. Set in the religious and cultural milieu of 7th century India.



Paji by Esther Kiviat / Harold Price, ill. McGraw-Hill, 1946, 1st printing.


Paji ran away from his elephant carving job at his uncle's Big Cheap Elephant Factory. He and his dreamy bullock friend Push-ba ran to an ancient dagoba and there Paji made beautiful carvings, each different. A charming story in fluid three colour lithos.



Selected Drawings by Chinese Children.

Prepared for the International Year of the Child.



Tye May and the Magic Brush.

In ancient China, a poor orphan peasant girl wants desparately to learn to paint. A magic woman appears in her sleep and gave her a brush which brings everything she draws to life. A very interesting plot on an early reader level.



The Artist and the Architect.

An old Chinese folktale brought to life with Demi's graceful and colourful paintings.



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