The Doll and Her Friends.

The Doll and Her Friends.

"a word in favor of that good old-fashioned plaything, the Doll, which one sometimes hears decried by sensible people who have no children of their own." As the doll narrator passes from a careless, loving daughter of an elegant household, to a careful mother in a hardworking poor family, to a lively Baby, she tries at all times to be useful to her child and to accept her aging gracefully. A charming book, sometimes incorrectly attributed to Richard Horne (Mrs. Fairstar) because it was referred to as a "companion piece" in an early publisher's catalogue.
Note: This book has been sold.



Vassilis on the Run (Flucht Wassilis, Flucht).

Vassilis and his family return to Greece from Albania, and he must become a shoeshine boy in Athens. Here he unwillingly becomes involved with drug runners, is framed, and must escape the police to establish his innocence.



For the Leg of a Chicken.

Roberto, the son of the widow Pitta, was tired of the same meager food every day. He ran away from home in hopes of becoming rich and eating chicken. NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



The War on William Street.

Sydney, 1930's: some boys' attempt to sell papers on Sidney street escalates into a bitter turf struggle.



Trina's Boxcar.

Maria's father works for the railroad, and the family moves into a snug boxcar home in a little town in Wyoming in the early 1960's. Unlike her brother, Trina is a shy little girl and is hesitant to speak English, but she has a happy year. SIGNED by author.



The Boy on the Roof.

Susan, who lives "below stairs" in the household of an Edinburgh professor just after WWI and David, a ragged boy who secretly raises pigeons, meet on the roof.



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