Puppy Tales.

Little tales about puppies: Nippy and the Hedgehog; Mary and Mick and Snoozle, and The Lost Puppy.



Martha Calling.

What better use for people language than to enter a contest on the phone!



The Brownie Scout Mystery.

Herman the Poodle has been dognapped and the Brownies solve the case.



Nordy Bank.

On a camping trip to Nordy Bank, the site of a Welsh Border Iron Age fort, Bron changed from her outgoing self, and the frightened and hungry stray dog who visited the children took on a prehistoric wolf-like character. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.




In a series of diary entries, Leigh tells how he comes to terms with parents' divorce, joint custody of a dog, and the track team at his new school.



Puppy Play House. King, Dorothy. Polygraphic Company of America (1951)/[1946].

Puppy Play House. (Catch the Dogs)

The dogs escaped for a run around town. Catch each of them and put them in the right bed!
 This Book Has Been Sold



Old Mother Hubbard Charles E. Graham & Co, Childland Booklet Series 0903,

Old Mother Hubbard

The dog as a fat Victorian gentleman, supplied by Mother Hubbard with every luxury of the East.




 Favorite Stories Six Linenette Books Box Set, illus. by R. A. Burley.

Favorite Stories Six Linenette Books Box Set:

Delightful illustrations with deep, bright colour and just enough text. These must have been a perfect present! Peter Rabbit borrows liberally from B. Potter and is not signed. The rest are. The artist, Raymond Albert Burley, (1890-1971) illustrated pulp magazines and then comics, as well as Linette books. Note: This book has been sold.



Goofy the Clown: A Puppet Book. Walt Disney, Watts (1977).

Goofy the Clown: A Puppet Book. Walt Disney, Watts (1977).

A little hand puppet of Goofy with felt ears is attached to the back board and may be popped out of the holes in the pages or front Board as the story is read.
 This Book Has Been Sold



Rick of High Ridge.

Rick's mother and father homestead a new farm and head up the Alaskan Highway.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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