The Golden Book of Christmas Tales.

The Golden Book of Christmas Tales.

Very short tales with large intricate pictures to illustrate them: The Cherry Tree, The Talking Animals, The Robin, The Glastonberry Thorn, La Befana, and others. Possibly some of these appeared earlier in Life magazine. Note: This book has been sold.



Forgotten Tales.. Lucas/Bedford, ill. Stokes 1906 1st.

Forgotten Tales of Long Ago.

A companion volume to his "Old-Fashioned Tales" (1905). Twenty stories from early writers for children 1790 to 1830, intended to be representative. Lady Anne, the longest story in the book, is a lovely riches to rags to riches tale that shows the lives of the poor in the early 19th c. Charming illustrations: Lucas says, "Mr. Bedford is one of those rare artists who read a story first."



Christmas Stories by Lois Lenski.

Lois Lenski's Christmas Stories.

A collection of nine Christmas stories from Lois Lenski's books with their illustrations, also two new stories, and a Christmas nativity play called the Visit of the Shepherds, narrated by a modern boy and girl. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



My Friend Yakub by Kalashnikoff / Rojankovsky, ill. Scribner's 1953, 1st print,

My Friend Yakub.

The author recalls a Siberian village, Yakub the Tartar storyteller, and a gypsy horse.



19784 LittleMotherWinnie anon Lothrop 1880's

Little Mother Winnie and other Stories

Very pleasant, happy little stories about helpful small people, but without pointed morals, as Daniel Lothrop was particularly interested in improving the fare available to young children. Some of the illustrations seem to have been created for this volume, some taken from the files, but stories and pictures work well together. Perhaps the practice was to pull illustrations from the publisher's collection and write little stories to go with them.



19624 ABC Petits Contes by LeMaitre, ill JOB

ABC Petits Contes.

Nearing the end of his life, LeMaitre, a beloved French writer for children, worked on a collection of child-tested stories that would form an alphabet, some original, some adapted from Anderson, Perrault, and others. World War One delayed the publication of this volume, so this beautiful book was published after the author's death. What a pleasure to see a book illustrated by JOB for little children!



The Old Nurse's Stocking Basket by Farjeon, Ardizzone, illus.

The Old Nurse's Stocking Basket.

The Blue Lotus, The Proud Infanta, Can Men Be Such Fools As All That?, The Veil of Irazade, Lipp the Lapp, The Roof-Tree, You Can't Darn THAT Hole, The Princess of China, The Golden Eagle, The Two Brothers, The Sea-Baby. Note: This book has been sold.



Harper's Young People, 1890, Vol. 11.

All the magazines from 1890; sentimental "period" drawings, serialized novels and articles. Several stories by Howard Pyle; cute cartoons by Barnes.



Harper's Young People, 1891, Vol. 12.

All the magazines from 1891; sentimental "period" drawings, serialized novels and articles. Several stories by Howard Pyle.



Harper's Young People, 1889 Vol. 10.

All the magazines from 1889; sentimental "period" drawings, serialized novels and articles. Several stories by Howard Pyle; many stereotypical African American cartoons.



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