Elephant Big and Elephant Little.

Short, easy to read stories and "why" stories about jungle animals.



Treasure Book of Stories. Clinton./Madsen plates,Fern Bisel Peat drawings.(1939)

The Treasure Book of Best Stories

A collection of fairy tales, well known and less familiar, from many lands. Also poetry, in two columns for bedtime reading. Lovely in its jacket. Labels on rear endpaper from Strawbridge & Clothier Department Store( in the family from 1868 - 1996). This is probably a first printing, but it is impossible to tell.



Lily of the Valley. Preble. (1854 dated preface-poem)

Lily of the Valley ("Lilly" on boards) or Cousin Lill's Stories for her Pets.

12 stories and poems somehow fit into this pretty little book, small enough to fit in a pocket. Includes a reprint of Harriet Beecher Stowe's "The Tea Rose" (1842), poems by Alice Carey, a story about a little girl and her grandmother by Catherine Sinclair, Lillia's Grieve from Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life.



Proud Riders by Pullein-Thompson, Josephine.

Proud Riders.

A collection of stories and poems about horses through history by the author of good horse books.



The Power of Light.

The Power of Light.

A child's story for each day of Hannukkah., drawing on the distinguished author's Polish-Jewish childhood. In the manner of older books, this has full colour illustrations throughout. Note: This book has been sold.



Play-Day Book by Fanny Fern/Coffin, illus Mason Brothers 1857/1856.

The Play-Day Book, New Stories for Little Folks.

The topics of these lively, independent stories seem rather adult though they are intended to be read aloud to younger children. "...those for whom it is too old now, can look at the pictures and learn to read, little by little, by spelling out the words in the stories... I meant it to read when you are out of school, and want to be amused." FF's first book, Fern Leaves, was an instant best seller, reprinted many times. It was followed by an adult novel, Ruth Hall. This first edition of her third book may contain stories not included in later reprints. Her work is of interest to feminist scholars. Not didactic.



The Cat, the Dog, and the Dormouse by Hall.

The Cat, the Dog, and the Dormouse.

Long modern written fairy tales, the title story comprising almost half the book. Twenty-nine black and white illustrations, full page and in text in intricate style. Reynolds was an accomplished animal illustrator active in the 20's. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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